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    Keep up to date with Renowns features, planned and completed.

    What is Renown?

    Renown is a multiplayer survival experience set in a vast and ever-changing medieval world. Players begin with nothing, gather resources, build a kingdom and fight to survive in the hopes of becoming renowned across the land. At its core, Renown is a first-person medieval fighting game, with a strong emphasis on competitive skill-based combat. 

    Renown takes the most enjoyable and popular aspects from contemporary open-world survival games which include Building, Progression and Social Politics. These are then combined with close quarters, skill-based combat to create an immersive and engaging multiplayer experience. 

    Big thanks to all our backers and supporters

    Thank you so very much to all those who have decided to support and join us on this amazing journey. Everything you have seen from the four of us at RDBK Studios, is off the backs of our love, passion and drive to create the dream of renown. Any funding we are able to secure will allow us to continue full steam ahead. And with a little bit of luck and help from our fast-growing community we hope to not only continue development but bring in more like-minded passionate members to smash out everything we need to do to make renown in all of its glory. 


    Thank you again for checking out our project.